Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Ok, forgive the lame post title - I couldn't help myself!  It's true though that I'm loving the whole tassle trend.

It started with the Hermes leather tassle keychain.  Look, I know I'll never pay such an horrendous amount of money for what is afterall a humble key chain but all the same, I can't help loving this for some reason.  It's just so jaunty and the colours it comes in are rather juicy (however, it doesn't come in orange for some reason, at least not on the website, and that I think is a pity).

via hermes.com
So then I came across this slouchy bag on Etsy. (By the way, brightly coloured handbags is another trend I'm keen on, particularly when the bright colours are plum, hot pink or electric blue, but that story is for another day...)

via etsy.com
The latest item on my tassle wishlist is this wallet from DVF.  Yum!

via DVF.com
This is only one of a number of different colour/print combinations available (it also comes as a lap top sleeve).  I'm most drawn to the fresian-esque black and white sploches with buttercup yellow combo, but that's not to say I would turn my nose up at any of the other designs on offer!  Definitely check them out here.

Judging by the number of tassles I saw on my recent travels in the Northern Hemisphere, it looks like this trend will be around a while longer, at least in NZ where fashion lags at least a season behind!

What do you think?  Are tassles your thing?

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Beau lifestyle said...

Claire, haha I am nuts for tassels! I love them on lamps, on my bag, on my wrist and just anywhere.
p.s. the butterly scarf indeed is from Zara, good eye you have, get one, it´s absolutely sogt and almost goes with anything.

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