Monday, March 28, 2011

Time for a new Orla Kiely bag!

Wherever I go, I always get compliments on my Orla Kiely bags, purchased back in the home country in good ole Brown Thomas (or BT's to those of us on familiar terms).  I currently have two on the go - my black and grey stem leaf print (which with it's brown leather handles goes with just about everything!) and my beige, multi coloured stem leaf print (as seen here).   Alas, the black and grey number, which has provided such dedicated service over the past few years, really does now need to enter into retirement and be replaced by a new model this autumn/winter.

So far, the only place I've found in NZ selling Orla Kiely merchandise is smallacorns (I also follow the smallacorns blog).  Here are my three favourite OK bags currently on offer at the smallacorns online shop.

1. Orla Kiely Alpine Forest Midi Sling
2. Orla Kiely Acorn Cup Print Betty Bag
3. Orla Kiely Multidirectional Stem Shoulder Bag
All above images via
One of the best features of Orla's bags is the oh so nifty elastic key chain.  I also love the magnetic closure.

via redpipette
It goes without saying of course how delectable the prints and colour combinations are.  The first bag shown above would be a great replacement for my existing bag on account of it's "go with everything-ness".  I'm always a sucker though for black and white and then of course the pops of colours in the third bag would be great to brighten up an otherwise dull winter ensemble.  Decisions, decisions...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


First of all, isn't it the coolest and most apt name for shoes that you roll up?  I'm also really attracted to the concept.
Not sure why exactly.  I wouldn't use them much for the reason they were originally invented - slipping on after a night clubbing (apparently you can buy them from vending machines in night clubs in the UK, Ireland, Ibiza and Australia).  I can well recall the agony of wearing too tight/high stilettos on a night out and then resorting to bare feet walking home or on the quest for a taxi (shudder).  But I rarely find myself in that situation nowadays - and that's not just because taxis are far easier to come by in Auckland than they were in my glory days in Cork, Dublin or London!

Images vis
On the website they also suggest the following uses for your rollasoles:
  • Commuting - hop on the train or jump on the bus
  • Driving- pop them on and put your foot down
  • Shopping - slip off your heels and hit the shops
  • Travelling - check in, kick back and take off
  • Weddings & Special Occasions - make it the last dance in comfort

"Himself" and I are heading to the homeland for a month in the not too distant future so I thought these might be pretty cool to have on the plane (surely much cooler than anything Air NZ will provide).  In any case at AU$20, indulging this little whimsy of mine won't break the bank!  Check out rollasoles here.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Getting Creative: Upcycled Table Lamps

I've been inspired by a few blogs lately where I've seen table lamps that have been revamped courtesy of some spray paint and/or a new shade.  While I haven't as yet sourced a second hand lamp to upcycle, here are some lamps I'm currently watching on Trade Me (NZ's answer to EBay).

All images via
I think either of the Buddha lamps just need a new shade to give them a new lease of life and with the right styling, they could look really funky on a side table or console.  As for the pineapple lamp, I think a good dose of spray paint could make all the difference!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Movie Houses

Recently "Something's Gotta Give " was on TV here in NZ and I was reminded of how much I like Diane Keaton's character's beach house in the movie.
I went on a Google search for some photos and came across a really great blog called Hooked on Houses .  It's run by a lady called Julia who says "looking at houses is a form of entertainment".  Yeah, I can relate to that.  She's got a whole section of her blog dedicated to movie and TV houses and that's where I found these pictures of the Something's Gotta Give house as well as some interesting tit-bits and other background info about the movie and set.  See here for the full feature.

All photos via hookedonhouses 
Another movie house (or more correctly condo) that I really liked was Vincent Vaughn's and Jennifer Aniston's place in The Break Up .

Click here to see my post on Jennfier Aniston's style.

All photos via hookedonhouses 
There are lots of other houses as well as many other movie and TV houses on this site that I have yet to peruse when I have a quiet moment.  I'm looking forward to it!  I'd be interested to know what movie houses others out there are inspired by.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In praise of: Green (Happy St Patricks Day!)

Well, seeing as I called the blog "Stylish Irish" and it is our national holiday tomorrow, I thought I had better dedicate a post to gorgeous green.

First, some green interiors:

Via This is Glamorous
(By the way check out This is Glamorous blog - it has one of the nicest banners I've seen).
Via piecesofheaven
Now to pay homage to one of my favourite Stylish Irish, Orla Kiely (check out my post showing pictures of her home here ).  These prints are oldies but goodies.

Both images via 
How about some Hunter wellies?  After all, I have been thinking about mudrooms lately.

Ok, let's glam this back up (though Hunter wellies are glam in their way!).  Here's Keira Knightly in that amazing dress in the movie "Atonement".  Green wouldn't be my first choice for an evening gown, but this is truly stunning (and was once voted ahead of Marilyn's Seven Year Itch white dress and Audrey's LBD in a poll to find the greater movie costume of all time - see here ).

While we're feeling glamourous, here are some Hermes treats in green.  First up the Hermes Green Porosus Crocodile Constance Handbag as held by/swung on the arms of the Olsen twins.

Both images via 
And here's a little neck scarf that I already have.  It's had a few outings recently.
Wow, I'm tired after all that so here's just one final picture of a beautiful green thing - my home country!

La Fheile Padraig Sona Duit (Happy St Patricks Day)!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Master Bedroom - Part 2

I’m ashamed to say I have nothing on our master bedroom walls as yet!  As a start, I'm thinking of ordering this Picasso print from and having it framed.
After a while, I'd like to get together a collection of framed prints and B&W photos and create a mini wall collage.
Our Master is also currently lacking a chair.  I'm not entirely sure about what style yet but I know it needs to be white.  Could be leather.  Or I might go for a tufted style maybe in linen.
Both pictures via decorpad 
I’ve decided a dressing table is also required.  I’ve been thinking about investing in some mirrored furniture for a while and here’s a piece that I’m considering from a NZ company (Andrew Harvey Design ) that I found online.
I’ve seen a few gorgeous ideas lately on various blogs for organising/displaying jewellery etc. so I’ll draw some inspiration from these too.
If you're interested in seeing my overall inspiration for our Master check out Part 1 .

Daydreaming about...

... our future living rooms.

Here's some inspiration for the "conversation" living area (see No. 12 on the concept plan):

And here's what I'm thinking about for the TV room (No. 11 on the concept plan):

All images via decorpad 
If you've just joined in and are wondering what this is all about, check out the brief we prepared for our architect here.
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