Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not so mellow

Overuse of the colour yellow in Irish home decoration had I must admit put me off the colour somewhat. In particular, it seemed like every kitchen you went into was painted a 'sunny' yellow. In the many new homes that were built during the boom, yellow also seemed to have become the developers' alternative to cream. I began to think of it as insipid and predictable. A little bit of distance (well actually a lot of distance - NZ is very far away!) has opened me up to giving yellow another chance. Then I saw the first pic below and a newfound love for yellow began to blossom. Yellow - it doesn't have to be mellow!

Spot the Orla Kiely cushions and mug in the above pic.  I'm also loving that retro phone.

Am I cheating a little here?  These walls are verging on mustard.  Love the combination with the pale grey.


ForeverPeaches said...

Lovely Yellow to warm up the freezing days here in Sydney! x

Mai said...

Yellow makes me happy!

Beau lifestyle said...

I love yellow in decor, I used to hate it but now i can´t seem to get enough of it.
powerrrrr to yellowww

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