Thursday, May 19, 2011

Holiday Packing

With only 2 days to go until we embark on our month long holiday, I really need to get serious about packing.  Not a task I relish, I must admit.

For me, a good list is always the right starting point and never one keen to reinvent the wheel, I was delighted to find this nifty travel list tool on The Universal Packing List.  You input some key information about your trip like dates, max and min temperatures of where you'll be, what activities you'll be involved in etc. and an extremely comprehensive set of lists is generated for you.  Don't you love the internet?

I do wish that I had some stylish, matching luggage to carry all my gear in though.  We'll be making do with an assemblage of mismatched cases that, to be fair, have seen better days.

Even if money were no object I still don't think I'd go for a matching set of LV luggage.  It's nice and I'm sure the quality is fantastic but isn't it just a little too predictable at this stage?

This set by Globe-Trotter might do rather nicely however!
via pinkmemo
Apparently, Globe-Trotter is the go-to luggage for all those who are well traveled and the company's client list includes Queen Elizabeth II. 

Only thing is, I'm not sure these babies come with wheels.  While this might work ok for Lizzie, I might struggle a bit ... at least until I have my very own valet!! : ) Back to Samsonite in the meantime perhaps.


Decor is like butter said...

How lucky are you girl! And I'm with you on LV - not very original. Much prefer the globe trotter set - there's something kind of romantic and classic about them.

Enjoy your holiday! xo

Jaz {Oh How Sublime} said...

Ohh very exciting! I prefer bright patterned luggage, easy to find! Have a wonderful holiday, will we be hearing from you while your away? xx

Sam said...

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