Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Dream House

As a kid, every time we drove by this house I dreamed that one day I would own it.
It's currently on the market, which is really rather distressing as I'm not ready to buy it yet!!!  Even if I had the $$$ (and it is a relative steal given the very distressed Irish property market), there's the issue of me and 'himself' currently living on the other side of the planet! Maybe if I cross my fingers really tightly nobody else will buy it for the next, oh let's say, decade until we can!!!

Look at what it has to offer:


  • Imposing period detached residence

  • 5 bedrooms

  • 4 reception rooms

  • 8.5 acres

  • Stables, arena and detached coach house

  • Magnificent original features

  • 11'5 high ceilings

  • That is a lot of rooms to decorate!!  And redecorate I would because the current decor isn't quite to my taste:

    And after the house itself was redecorated there's then scope to go and renovate one of the out buildings into a studio or guest house...

    What do you other bloggers out there think?  Is there a house (perhaps from your childhood like me) that you dream of one day owning?


    Casa Corpo e Cia: O jeito mulherzinha de ser. said...

    I'm from Rio de Janeiro Brazil and liked to know your blog.
    Good morning!

    Beau lifestyle said...

    Claire it looks amazing! I can imagine this house beeing decorated by you. Xoxo chantal

    Mel said...

    I can see why you'd dream of owning this, anyone would. It might be a bit too big for me but I'd love the location. So much open space.

    There isn't a specific house from my childhood that I dream of owning but I do have a few things that I really want to have. They're really very boring to be honest; a power shower in a proper shower cubicle and a big, brick barbecue. That's it. No chandeliers, no swimming pool, nothing like that, just the power shower and the brick barbecue. I'm also going to have a dandelion in a pot in the house because I love dandelions and I think they're much maligned.

    And if money was no object which, sadly, it is, I'd have an entrance hall because I could work wonders with it at Christmas. It would just gather dust for the rest of the year but in December, it would look amazing. :) But that really is crying for the moon. The
    house valuation on any property with an entrance hall - actually, make that just any property - is well out of my reach.

    Barrett Clepper said...

    Woah! You deserve an applause for the find, StylishIrish! You really wanted that house, huh? Anyway, people dream a lot! Once they see a beautiful house, they'd say that it's totally their dream house. But once they see a better one, they'll dream of it too. They'll even add up different features of different houses to really create the DREAM HOUSE. Dreaming will not stop until the dream becomes reality. I think that's the nature of people. :)

    Nuri Rossignol said...

    The exterior and interior of your dream house looks magnificent. Even I was speechless when I saw this for the first time. It's also been my dream to live in a house surrounded by trees like this. And all of the features also seem to be a good deal.

    Blue Fruit said...

    The exterior of the house is fantastic, and the floor plan is huge! I was loving it till I got to the interior shots. Holey Moley what were they thinking???? But the bones are brilliant, it's just that wild colour scheme that makes me go hunting for sunglasses. (Not to say I don't love bright know I do! But it has to be the right colours for the right architecture.)

    I would love to see what you would do with this gorgeous property though - it would be swimming in beauty if you could get your paws on it. And the out building? Oh, I would be happy just with that... with lots of bleached linen, oak timber and some modern furniture as a contrast against all this delicious that would be gorgeous!

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