Thursday, August 04, 2011

DVF Ipad Cover Dilemma

I've been MIA the last few days. Family related stuff. Moving on...

Himself was most kind recently and bought me an Ipad 2 (yes, I'm spoilt - it wasn't my birthday or any other occasion). It's white of course. I don't know what Apple were up to when they didn't offer the original version in white - most odd. Anyhu, I've decided my ipad needs a stylish jacket and from my trip around the blogs, I've found that quite a few of us are rather disappointed by the offerings out there at the mo.  Made By Girl commented that the perfect Ipad case does not exist and I'm afraid I must agree.  In the end she went with the Michael Kors python number as shown below, which I think is rather nice but not quite for me.  You can read her Ipad case post here.

Above 3 images via Made By Girl
I thought I had struck gold when I saw these from DVF.  Look - there's a tassle on the zip and everything, which is a trend I'm still really into.
I particularly love the red one.
Alas, I then realised it was in fact a lap top cover for laptops up to 15" and consequently too big for my wee Ipad.  DVF does have a range of actual Ipad cases but I just can't get as enthused about any of these.  The prints (and the tassle!) on the laptop cover are so much more appealing.

What do you think?  Has anyone else had trouble choosing an Ipad cover?


Gild and Grace said...

Completely agree! Seems to be so little to choose from. Haven't got one yet, still hoping to find something I really like :) abbey x

Kristine said...

I think I've found the perfect iPad cover for me. I bought it on Etsy by a seller called Byrd and Belle. It's not high-end designer but I love it all the same. It's charcoal industrial weight felt with a leather closure. I also have a cover from them for my Mac book. When I was in the apple store with it recently all the store employees and a few nearby customers got very excited about it.

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