Friday, August 05, 2011

Marc Jacobs to the rescue?

Since my post yesterday (the one where I lamented the lack of truly delectable Ipad covers), I went on Net a Porter in one more brave attempt to find a winter coat for my new baby.  I was delighted to discover the following by Marc Jacobs, a new addition to the range available since I'd last checked on the website.

Cute, n'est ce pas? And bang on the money at approx 100 NZD.  I particularly like that it has faux fur lining to keep my little Ipad nice and snug.  Another Marc Jacobs number that caught my eye was this:
I like it for it's "Chanel-ness" and the fact that it can double as a handbag.  However, at around 700 NZD, it's a lot more than I want to spend.

This Pucci also stirred my interest though I's prefer it in a pink/orange colour scheme.
All images via netaporter
 Maybe there's hope afterall?


Anastasia said...

Oh LOVE the Marc Jacobs one! I would just want an iPad so I can get a gorgeous cover like that!

navy and orange said...

love all the options!

xoxo navy & orange

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