Sunday, September 11, 2011

DIY Store Finds

Sorry I've been MIA the last week.  I started a new job last Monday so I've been pretty focused on that.  Anyways, I've promised myself to be more disciplined about posting going forward.  I'm also starting what I'm calling my running experiment.  It's going to be a staged programme over the next 6 weeks to get me up to running 5km's straight.  So currently lots of new endeavours in the life of Stylish Irish!

But back to the post at hand.  'Himself' and I recently made an excursion to Bunnings DIY.  Now NZ does not have a lot to boast about when it comes to shops but one thing they do impressively well is DIY Superstores.  While the purpose of this trip was to pick up materials for 'himself' to build another veggie patch (more on that in due course), I always like to have a hunt around DIY stores for homewares bargains.     This trip yielded this greek key doormat which was only 35 NZD. Now the greek key thing hasn't really hit NZ so I'm pretty sure Bunnings had no idea how on trend they were with this!

Greek Key Doormat
My other DIY store find happened yesterday when I was sent on a mercy dash to our local Mitre 10 to pick up some more potting mix.  I'd been looking for a new pot for the plant in our living room for a while - I'm ashamed to say it had been sitting in the icky plastic pot it came in for the last 1.5 years!  This was only around 30 NZD and while simple, I think it looks pretty good for the money.

Goes to show you can pick up some stylish bits in less than glamorous places... and at a great price.  

Have a great week everybody!

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