Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stacked Bracelets

This is a look I really, really like and must surely master.

I love the randomness of mixing watches with bad girl stud bracelets, friendship bracelets with luxe brand leather bracelets/cuffs and all this with maybe some rhinestones and some other other glitzy bits thrown in for good measure.

Here's some more inspiration:

Here's an example including a Hermes enamel bangle.  I've blogged about these before.  I seriously need (ok, want) one.

Here's a more luxurious take on the stacked bracelet look:

All above images via Refinery29
So!  I've got some work (and some rummaging in the jewellery box) to do to ramp up from this...

... to this!


Anne said...

Delighted to find someone from Ireland in blogland!You have a lovely blog!!

t said...

Nice pics!

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