Friday, February 25, 2011

The Mini-Gift List

I admit it – I am a difficult person to buy a gift for.  The problem is that I know far too well what I like and what I want.  There’s an ongoing scouting and editing process going on in my head that no one else could possibly keep up with or fully decipher.  As a consquence ‘himself’ rather understandably gets very stressed leading up to Christmas and my birthday.  So this Christmas just passed, I decided to help him out (yes, I know I’m fantastic).  As we’d agreed to only get eachother mini presents, I put together a list of gifts each costing less than $100 that he could choose from and I even gave him some direction on where to go to buy them!  Here's my list:

1.     An orchid (they even have them in Foodtown i.e. our local supermarket!)
2.     A posh scented candle from Mecca Cosmetica


3.     Gift Voucher for the place I get my nails done


4.     Silver wallet from Country Road

5.     White Hands bookends (on lower floor in Borders on Queen Street)

6.     Years Subscription to Your Home and Garden

7.     Book called 21st Century Houses Down Under (It’s in Borders)
8.     Shower gel to go with my perfume (Vera Wang)

9.     Vintage champagne saucers from TradeMe or Ebay (the ones Marilyn drank from)


 10.  And if ever unsure - a small bottle of a nice brand of champagne

I ended up receiving two lovely gifts from my list and a third non list item.  Turns out that the list actually inspired him and gave him the confidence to choose something all by himself!

Now if he’s a really good boy, he’ll surprise me with another item when I least suspect it!

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Abigail Shaw said...

You sound like you've trained him well, haha. It's great that he took inspiration from the list so you still had a surprise. :)

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