Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Wrap me in Hermes?

Via New-ist 
I watched Despicable Me yesterday and one of my favourite lines was when the littlest of the little girls saw the unicorn furry toy at the funfair and exclaimed "It's so furry I want to DIE!"  Lately I've found myself, well maybe not quite yearning for, but wanting a Hermes blanket (even though it's summer here in NZ).  It's just that every styled interior in every glossy interiors book or magazine I pick up seems to feature one.  While a Hermes blanky and I have yet to come into actual contact with one another, I'm anticipating I'd have a very similar reaction to that little girl!  They're horrendously expensive, so much so I'm not sure I would ever really be able to justify the purchase... at least not to 'himself'.  And I'd likely be a nervous wreck actually snuggling up in it!  Maybe me and my red wine and chocolate stains are best off for now merely drooling over the pretty pictures.
Via New-ist 

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