Wednesday, April 13, 2011

7 Things about Me!

OK - I'm getting through this bit by bit.  On my way to melbourne for work in 15 mins so here goes v quickly:

1.       It’ll be no surprise that I’m Irish!  I was born and bred in County Cork, and was educated and spent the first 8 years of my working life in Cork City.

2.      I have a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering (not very stylish at all really, is it?)

3.      ‘Himself’ and I moved to Auckland 3 years ago.  We enjoy our lives here but when I asked whether we are here for good, we’re non-committal.  It’s a long life!

4.      When I was little I wanted to be Alexis Colby when I grew up.

5.      I was interested in interiors and architecture from an early age and was always drawing extensions for our family home.  I was also the kind of little girl whose mother asked her opinion on what to wear!

6.      I’m discovering as I get older that excess doesn’t really make you happy.  That said, there are two material items I promise to treat myself to at some point – a Chanel 2.55 handbag and a Cartier watch.

via fashionpearlsofwisdom
7.      I’m always happier when I’ve got a novel on the go and I’m a big, big fan of the public library.

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