Monday, April 25, 2011

Rain ... (and virtual window shopping)

It is so wet today in Auckland that I don't feel any guilt about whiling away the afternoon doing some virtual, window shopping.

An attempt earlier to go out in the world found me in horrendous traffic queues and parking hell so I turned around and came home again pretty sharpish!  Sitting here in front of the mac with a cuppa (and a white Tim Tam!) is much, much nicer indeed.

So anyway, with our trip to the motherland (including 3 night stays in each of Hong Kong, London, Copenhagen and San Fran) coming up in less than 4 weeks time, I thought I had better start getting organised about what I'll need to pack and what needs to be purchased in advance, hence my perusing of the Witchery and Country Road websites to check out if they've got the new tees and ballet flats I think I'll need.  I'm also on the look out for a casual but stylish rain jacket given that it's going to be rainy season in Hong Kong and you can be pretty much guaranteed rain any time of the year in Ireland!  Here are some items I'm considering following my web search today...
Holiday Wardrobe Items by Stylish Irish
  1. Basic Scoop Neck Tee, Witchery
  2. Scoop Hem Tee, Witchery
  3. Coated Skinny Leg Jean, Witchery
  4. Drawcord Detail Anorak, Witchery
  5. Ainsley Stretch Ballet, Witchery
  6. Letitia Metallic Ballet, Country Road
  7. Ombre Animal Scarf, Witchery
  8. Large Black Slouchy Bag, The Leather Store, Etsy
I've also been ogling some cuffs and enamel bracelets at Hermes.  Unknown to "himself" (as yet), I'm plotting the purchase of a little luxury treat for myself while on our travels.  Wouldn't either of these bracelets work well with with the looks above?

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