Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tray Display

Following on from my recent post on The Art of Display, here's one focusing on "tray displays" i.e. using serving trays to display things around the home with style.

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I guess the drinks tray idea is pretty tried and tested...

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... and then there's using trays to display just about anything else...

Tray displays look great as part of an overall vignette (btw loving that green lamp below with the black shade):

This is a trend I'm really hooked on (I guess it appeals to my need for order) but I have to say finding stylish trays in NZ is proving quite the challenge.  The best I've come across is this mirrored serving tray from Freedom, which at 100NZD isn't exactly a bargain.
via freedomfurniture.co.nz
How I lust after the lucite numbers I see on all the blogs...

..and THAT python number (you know the one I'm talking about), I really, REALLY want one of those.

via dwellerswithoutdecorators


Anastasia said...

Lovely pics.. so strange to see my bar (3rd pic) x anastasia at decor is like butter


*Dream Weaver* said...

Thanks for the lovely inspiration about trays. The tray seems to have evolved from merely a functional item to an element for interior design.

And yes totally digging the lucite and python skined tray. Trays in Malaysia are uber $$ too *grumbles mumbles*

Happy tray hunting!

Miss Walker said...

WOW! Love this post, love your blog too, now following! Miss Walker xoxo

erika @ small shop said...

Thanks for putting these pics together! I've been trying to figure out how to style my coffee table. I've been considering a tray or a box or both.

Get the python tray! I love mine, obvs. ;o)

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