Sunday, April 03, 2011

I love Etsy (and cushions!!)

There's been lots of great outcomes from getting in on the ole blogging game: linking into such a fantastic design network and all the inspiration that that provides, discovering online magazines like Lonny and also discovering Etsy.

Last night I indulged in a little online retail and as a result, this gorgeous cushion is soon to be making it's way to me from the Etsy shop Nenavon.

Via Nenavon
It's fair to say that I have something of a cushion obsession.  Here are some others I'm currently hearting from various Etsy stores.  First off some other monochromatic numbers:

Via Modernality
Via Alexandra Ferguson
Via Alexandra Ferguson
Via Modpress
Next some turquoise cushions that I'm considering for our master bedroom.  Can't decide on the darker or light hue...

Via Kyoozi
Via Idari
Here's one I have in mind for the all white guest bedroom I'm planning for some time in the future:

Via SaSeaBoutique
And here are some others I don't necessarily have somewhere for but want all the same:

Via anitascasa
Via anitascasa 
Via milkandcookiesCanada
Via modernality
Via Itari 
Via anitascasa

Via milkandcookiesCanada
Yeah, I like cushions.

1 comment:

Beau lifestyle said...

a girl can't have enough shoes and pillows :)))

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