Wednesday, March 23, 2011


First of all, isn't it the coolest and most apt name for shoes that you roll up?  I'm also really attracted to the concept.
Not sure why exactly.  I wouldn't use them much for the reason they were originally invented - slipping on after a night clubbing (apparently you can buy them from vending machines in night clubs in the UK, Ireland, Ibiza and Australia).  I can well recall the agony of wearing too tight/high stilettos on a night out and then resorting to bare feet walking home or on the quest for a taxi (shudder).  But I rarely find myself in that situation nowadays - and that's not just because taxis are far easier to come by in Auckland than they were in my glory days in Cork, Dublin or London!

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On the website they also suggest the following uses for your rollasoles:
  • Commuting - hop on the train or jump on the bus
  • Driving- pop them on and put your foot down
  • Shopping - slip off your heels and hit the shops
  • Travelling - check in, kick back and take off
  • Weddings & Special Occasions - make it the last dance in comfort

"Himself" and I are heading to the homeland for a month in the not too distant future so I thought these might be pretty cool to have on the plane (surely much cooler than anything Air NZ will provide).  In any case at AU$20, indulging this little whimsy of mine won't break the bank!  Check out rollasoles here.

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