Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Our Master Bedroom - Part 1

Our master bedroom is pretty much decorated in that it’s painted (taupe), the floor’s been stained (walnut), all the fixtures and fittings like lighting and blinds are in place and we have the key furniture i.e. bed and bedside tables (our wardrobe is a walk in directly off the bedroom).  However, it’s missing that certain je ne sais quoi, what my dad might refer to in his politically incorrect but charming way as “a woman’s touch”.  It looks a bit empty and show house-y so it needs more stuff and then I need to style the hell out of it!!  With winter coming as well, there’s also a need to make it feel more cosy. 

Here’s some inspiration for the overall look I want to achieve:

Via LivingEtc 
Via decorpad
Via decorpad
 PS: See Part 2 here .


Jaz {Oh How Sublime} said...

I'm loving the 3rd and 4th pics, good luck! xx

Interior Chocolates said...

I think you and I have very similar style. I too have dark walls, white bed linen, and dark furniture. The Decorpad image of the white headboard was on my list of fav's too. I hope you post a pic of what it turns out like!

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