Friday, March 04, 2011

Project time - Getting creative

I’ve decided to revamp a 60’s/70’s desk I bought and have just finished giving it a primer undercoat.  I really like the retro shape of this desk but the original golden colour of the wood didn’t work in our house since we stained the floors walnut.

Originally, I was going to paint the outside white and go for a colour on the inside.  I couldn’t decide on whether I’d try doing the top shelves in the colour as well.  It’s a bit tricky getting a paint brush in there and I’m a bit OCD about getting a really nice, smooth finish.  The colours I was considering were black, grey, hermes orange, deep lemon and various shades of green from olive to lime.  THEN I thought about wallpapering the inside of the desk.  Something like this:

I’d almost convinced myself to file this idea away in the “too hard” tray but a further google of “wallpapered furniture” yielded the following visual goodies.

How can I resist giving this a go myself now I ask?

The lady responsible for creating these works of art is Bryonie Porter.  Wallpapering furniture is her business and she supplies a number of stores in London with her creations.  I love this in-situ image:

All photos via
So I’ve googled how to wallpaper furniture and it all seems fairly manageable once I’m organised.  My perfectionism will surely come out to play so I’ll probably stick with just doing the inside of the desk on this first attempt so the stakes aren’t too high! 

Now where do I go to buy some funky wallpaper in Auckland?  Or should I go for some vintage wallpaper via ebay?  Decisions…decisions…


Ann said...

You're braver than me... I lack the perfectionist gene. has a great selection... Good luck!

Jaz {Oh How Sublime} said...

How gorgeous love that idea! Happy weekend xx

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