Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In praise of: Green (Happy St Patricks Day!)

Well, seeing as I called the blog "Stylish Irish" and it is our national holiday tomorrow, I thought I had better dedicate a post to gorgeous green.

First, some green interiors:

Via This is Glamorous
(By the way check out This is Glamorous blog - it has one of the nicest banners I've seen).
Via piecesofheaven
Now to pay homage to one of my favourite Stylish Irish, Orla Kiely (check out my post showing pictures of her home here ).  These prints are oldies but goodies.

Both images via 
How about some Hunter wellies?  After all, I have been thinking about mudrooms lately.

Ok, let's glam this back up (though Hunter wellies are glam in their way!).  Here's Keira Knightly in that amazing dress in the movie "Atonement".  Green wouldn't be my first choice for an evening gown, but this is truly stunning (and was once voted ahead of Marilyn's Seven Year Itch white dress and Audrey's LBD in a poll to find the greater movie costume of all time - see here ).

While we're feeling glamourous, here are some Hermes treats in green.  First up the Hermes Green Porosus Crocodile Constance Handbag as held by/swung on the arms of the Olsen twins.

Both images via 
And here's a little neck scarf that I already have.  It's had a few outings recently.
Wow, I'm tired after all that so here's just one final picture of a beautiful green thing - my home country!

La Fheile Padraig Sona Duit (Happy St Patricks Day)!


Jaz {Oh How Sublime} said...

A very Happy St Patricks Day to you!
I'm loving reading about your villa extension and home decor ideas, just gorgeous xx

Good news you can check out Lonny, it's an online mag so happy reading x

erika @ small shop said...

That top room - wow. And the lady in the green get up. Zzexy.

Reminded me of a 1980's room--ALL green!

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