Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Master Bedroom - Part 2

I’m ashamed to say I have nothing on our master bedroom walls as yet!  As a start, I'm thinking of ordering this Picasso print from art.com and having it framed.
Via art.com  
After a while, I'd like to get together a collection of framed prints and B&W photos and create a mini wall collage.
Our Master is also currently lacking a chair.  I'm not entirely sure about what style yet but I know it needs to be white.  Could be leather.  Or I might go for a tufted style maybe in linen.
Both pictures via decorpad 
I’ve decided a dressing table is also required.  I’ve been thinking about investing in some mirrored furniture for a while and here’s a piece that I’m considering from a NZ company (Andrew Harvey Design ) that I found online.
I’ve seen a few gorgeous ideas lately on various blogs for organising/displaying jewellery etc. so I’ll draw some inspiration from these too.
If you're interested in seeing my overall inspiration for our Master check out Part 1 .

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Interior Chocolates said...

Dont mind me trawling your blog. I am loving it! I agree I love those crystal dishes to display your jewellery. Its hard to store them. this is a lovely idea. Oh and that picasso print is perfect. love it!

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