Monday, March 28, 2011

Time for a new Orla Kiely bag!

Wherever I go, I always get compliments on my Orla Kiely bags, purchased back in the home country in good ole Brown Thomas (or BT's to those of us on familiar terms).  I currently have two on the go - my black and grey stem leaf print (which with it's brown leather handles goes with just about everything!) and my beige, multi coloured stem leaf print (as seen here).   Alas, the black and grey number, which has provided such dedicated service over the past few years, really does now need to enter into retirement and be replaced by a new model this autumn/winter.

So far, the only place I've found in NZ selling Orla Kiely merchandise is smallacorns (I also follow the smallacorns blog).  Here are my three favourite OK bags currently on offer at the smallacorns online shop.

1. Orla Kiely Alpine Forest Midi Sling
2. Orla Kiely Acorn Cup Print Betty Bag
3. Orla Kiely Multidirectional Stem Shoulder Bag
All above images via
One of the best features of Orla's bags is the oh so nifty elastic key chain.  I also love the magnetic closure.

via redpipette
It goes without saying of course how delectable the prints and colour combinations are.  The first bag shown above would be a great replacement for my existing bag on account of it's "go with everything-ness".  I'm always a sucker though for black and white and then of course the pops of colours in the third bag would be great to brighten up an otherwise dull winter ensemble.  Decisions, decisions...


Amanda said...

Oh yes they keychain is absolutely the best feature of Orla's bags. I love just casually flicking it out from the bottom of the bag knowing my keys are on the end of it. Of course my heart sinks when it feels just a little too light, and I realise the keys just this once, might not be on it!
Thanks so much for the small acorns shout out on your blog. It's always lovely to meet another Orla devotee.
(Is now a good time to quietly mention that we have a new season bag shipment on the way at the moment?) Amanda x

Ann said...

The first one, buy the first one.... please!! I love it... and now thanks to Amanda I know where to buy one in En Zed. x

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